Return the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama! UN Inspectors: We are watching you!

./news_pic/50995.jpgAs some sickening and sycophantic media reports begin the day with sniveling and groveling titles such as "The world is waiting for Obama", some home truths: The world is watching Obama, the world is watching Cameron, the world is watching NATO and the UN team and something dark is lunging behind its eyes.

In the United Kingdom, e-mails are this very day circulating as to how to start a movement de-selecting Members of Parliament who vote in favour of wars without consulting their constituents. After all, they say the system is democratic, and as it is, how democratic is a system which kowtows to the whims and caprices of the lobbies which control Washington, which use London as their bedboy? And how "patriotic" are British Prime Ministers from both sides of the party divide involving their nation in war after war after war which has nothing to do with Britain, destroying countries, murdering civilians and committing war crimes just so that Washington can (reluctantly) talk of "a special relationship" from time to time and London can sigh romantically kidding itself that its rogue colony will one day come back to mommy and join the Commonwealth?

The list is staggering: in the last five Premierships (Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron, three Conservative and two Labour), the United Kingdom has involved itself in no less than ten wars: Lebanon, the first Gulf War (Iraq), the Bosnian War, Operation Desert Fox (Iraq), Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq (again), Libya and now, Syria, none of which have anything whatsoever to do with Britain or the British people.

The sickening and disgusting jump-the-gun, lying, dishonest and totally misleading, sinister and manipulative policy spun by the FUKUS Axis (France-UK.US) today is exactly the same as 2003 in Iraq: "he has WMD because we say so and we know where they are, so we are going in anyway". Under international law, each and every use of military force has to go through a separate vote at the UNSC. The USA signed this document, the UK signed this document, France signed this document. Under the US Constitution, the President has to ask Congress for permission to engage the armed forces in cases which do not specifically pose a threat to the USA. If these laws are breached, the perpetrators are criminals and must be impeached and brought before a court of law.
Fast forward a decade, and they are adopting the same failed and idiotic policy, this time following the argument that Obama said there was a red line drawn at use of chemical weapons so if they were used, then he has to do something to not appear weak. But that is only one side of the coin, the other being who deployed them. Without a thorough investigation from the UN weapons team, not only investigating whether the weapons were used by more importantly, by whom, how can Messrs. Hague, Cameron and the Nobel Peace Prizewinner Obama state that there is an urgent need for military action?

And after Libya and their spectacular mission creep, who would believe a word they say these days?

On the subject of chemical weapons, the first deployment of these was from NATO in Iraq, the charge led by the Anglo-Saxonic dynamic duo, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, the Batman and Robin of the international scene after Y2K for all the worst reasons, with their depleted uranium weaponry, which will leave swathes of territory contaminated for several billions of years. This is a war crime, DU is chemical weaponry. And who is investigating what happened? Who is investigating the hundreds of thousands of deaths and deformities they caused?

Finally, the final word rests with a United Nations team which has conducted hurried investigations, will reach at a hurried and hasty conclusion and will deliver it on Saturday. Will they say what they really found, will they give us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, or have their email accounts been tampered with, will they do as they are told and will we only know the truth thirty years hence from the opening of official secrets files?

I have every reason to suspect than unless a further mandate is given for a proper team to conduct a proper investigation, given the proper time to arrive at objective conclusions without the outside pressure of those who have already spent hundreds of millions of dollars positioning their weaponry into place, the coming days will stage a predicable end to this tragedy unfolding before our eyes.

But we are also watching the UN inspection team and a thorough investigation will be carried out as to their conclusions, who said what, when and why, let there be no mistake about it.

The truth will come out, the people will not be fooled. Whatever the outcome of the report, the eyes of the world are on Obama, and Cameron, and Hollande and the warmongers in their Governments controlled by Washington's lobbies. British Members of Parliament will be deselected and Obama will go down in history as the man who insulted the Nobel Institution to its very core, Cameron and Hague will go down in the annals of history as another two political poodles trotting along obediently behind their master and Hollande as another wannabe Napoleon climbing into bed with any passing Anglo-Saxon.

What a sickening political epitaph to bear for the rest of their cringing, sniveling days on this planet. So, Mr. Nobel Peace Prizewinner and your friends, how many civilians are you going to slaughter this time? Do you hear the screams of the children as they lie frying in their own skins after NATO has precision-bombed their home, a command and control centre? Or was it "to break their backs", eh what?

Oh! And a quote from Obama, 2007: "The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."

But that was before the, er...Nobel Peace Prize and anyway, what "Man" keeps his word these days in Washington, London and Paris?

Below, a video showing Syrian terrorists loading a gas canister onto a makeshift artillery unit, as they perpetrate a chemical weapons attack against Government forces. Obama, Cameron and with his eyes covered, the other with his hands over his ears and the other...

Idea for caption of UN report on said video: "This clearly shows a soccer field with a team of kangaroos playing against another team of Tasmanian Devils, but without a ball". It would be funny if we were not speaking about the point which humankind has reached, 2013. Obama, Cameron, Hollande, thanks for your (hideous) contribution.