http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44129.jpgWhen John McCain of the same political party which committed war crimes under the Bush regime says he likes the Libyan rebels, then something stinks. When John McCain calls a group of "rebels" his heroes, then it reeks. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another Iraq.

Same players, only this time France on board. USA, UK and Freedom Fries champions, France. Vive La France, when oil and business interests flow. But with McCain, the darling of the Bush regime, on board, then it is patently obvious that the Libya story morphs into a new ball game.

The Republican party Senator visited Benghazi, the hub of the Islamist terrorist "unarmed civilians/rebels" supported by NATO just like the Albanian terrorists a decade ago, this Good Friday and declared that these brigands are "my heroes".

Well they would be would they not? They serve the neo-con plan rather well - destroy civilian structures just like in Iraq then dole out billionaire rebuilding contracts to White House cronies - and what has changed? After all those who surround Obama are the same ones responsible for the banking crisis.
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44128.jpgDocuments leaked by WikiLeaks on Tuesday (19) prove once again that the "war" in Iraq was a big hoax - concocted by the capitalist powers and amplified by the corporate media. They show that the British government, in collusion with the U.S., discussed the sharing of oil from the invaded country a year before the invasion. The history of the existence of weapons of mass destruction was an abject and shameless lie of imperialist nations.

Combined oil share discussed a year earlier

According to news published in the British newspaper, The Independent, the documents leaked by WikiLeaks show that plans to export the oil reserves of Iraq were discussed by British government ministers and major international oil principals a year before Britain accepted, along with the United States, the plan to invade Iraqi soil."

The newspaper notes that the serious denunciation of the existence of the prior plan had already happened in March 2003. At the time, both Shell and BP denied that they had been meeting in secret at Downing Street, home of the British government, to discuss the sharing of oil. The prime minister at the time, the doormat Tony Blair, called the allegations "completely absurd."
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44075.jpgWest coalition of barbaric savages supports savage, brutal terrorist murderers.
Since the 1990s in particular, and even before, the world has been slipping into a New Dark Ages, a time of lawlessness, barbarism, mass genocide and imperialism. As we find ourselves in the year 2011, there is a fork in the road. Either the world will slip into total barbaric savagery and darkness or it will choose truth and peace. More people are waking up, but is it too little, too late?

Never before has the term Evil Empire been more appropriate. From the Greek play, Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius--the saying, "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."
There is no better display of madness than that of western leadership: Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron, along with their military and their talking head, Hellary Clinton, the obsolete NATO Nazi American Terrorist Organization, currently attacking the free, prosperous and democratic Libyan Jamahiriya.
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44051.jpgThis week, China has demonstrated its growing power to the world twice. First off, China accused the USA of the appalling state of affairs in the field of human rights. Secondly, the country strongly refused form the suggestion of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to move the US dollar aside and make the Chinese yuan a convertible currency.

In the beginning of April, the US State Department cracked down on the issue of human rights in China. The latter responded in two days. The response was different from what Washington usually heard from China. Beijing would normally set out its protests against Washington's interference into China's internal affairs. However, on April 11, Chinese newspapers published a report by the State Council of the People's Republic of China - Human Rights Record of the United States in 2010. The report said that "the United States turned a blind eye to its own terrible human rights situation and seldom mentioned it." "The United States reports the world's highest incidence of violent crimes, and its people's lives, properties and personal security are not duly protected," the document also said.
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44025.jpgGaddafi Unplugged and Uncensored
Recollections of My Life: Col. Mu'ummar Qaddafi, The Leader of the Revolution. April 5, 2011.
In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful...

For 40 years, or was it longer, I can't remember, I did all I could to give people houses, hospitals, schools, and when they were hungry, I gave them food. I even made Benghazi into farmland from the desert, I stood up to attacks from that cowboy Reagan, when he killed my adopted orphaned daughter, he was trying to kill me, instead he killed that poor innocent child. Then I helped my brothers and sisters from Africa with money for the African Union.

I did all I could to help people understand the concept of real democracy, where people's committees ran our country. But that was never enough, as some told me, even people who had 10 room homes, new suits and furniture, were never satisfied, as selfish as they were they wanted more. They told Americans and other visitors, that they needed "democracy" and "freedom" never realizing it was a cut throat system, where the biggest dog eats the rest, but they were enchanted with those words, never realizing that in America, there was no free medicine, no free hospitals, no free housing, no free education and no free food, except when people had to beg or go to long lines to get soup.
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