http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44257.jpgThe founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange in an exclusive interview to RT (formerly known as Russia Today) called Facebook the greatest espionage tool in history. According to Assange, Facebook automatically collects confidential data of the registered site users, and later this information is transferred to the U.S. intelligence.

The founder of the WikiLeaks said in a television interview that Facebook is the greatest spy vehicle ever created by human beings. He added that we were dealing with a very detailed database about people, their habits, their social ties, addresses, places of residence, relatives, and all these data is located in the United States and available to U.S. intelligence.

Answering the question about the role of social networks in shaping the recent revolutions in the Middle East, the infamous online journalist said that Facebook in particular was the most disgusting of all espionage tools ever invented. He said that the users should be aware that adding a contact on Facebook they are working for American intelligence, updating its database. Other intelligence can either hack Facebook, or get this information from the Americans in exchange for some services.

He stated that Facebook, Google and Yahoo, all large American companies, have built-in interfaces for the use by the American intelligence. Does this mean that Facebook is in the hands of the American intelligence? No, it is different. It means that the U.S. intelligence agencies have legal and political means to pressure them.
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44320.jpgNATO's murderous policy continues in Libya as, against every fibre of international law, its leaders continue to target civilians, civilian structures and Colonel Gaddafi himself without the slightest iota of respect for human life. The news of the death of Gaddafi's grandchildren was met with a derisory sniff by Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy.

The one who is murdering children is NATO. One wonders how these three would react to the news that their children or grandchildren had been targeted by terrorists, blasted to pieces by a bomb. Would they scoff and say "Well they shouldn't have been in a command and control centre"? If civilian residences are military targets for NATO, what then would Downing Street be? Or the White House? Or the Elysée Palace?

NATO is bound and restricted by UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973, which state there is to be a no-fly zone (imposed already, so why is NATO still there?) and measures to protect civilian life. Why then is NATO acting to aid and support terrorists led by one Hashidi, who was actively engaged in obtaining Benghazi-based terrorists to fight alongside bin Laden's Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and to provide the bulk of the suicide bombers in Iraq? Why have Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy systematically failed to refer to this and why have the media in their countries skirted round these questions? The one who is murdering children is NATO.

Why the cover-up?
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44237.jpgIt has been difficult for me to join in the jubilation that has erupted in the wake of the assassination of Osama bin Laden. This is in no way meant to imply that I am an apologist for bin Laden, and clearly if he committed the acts he was accused of a capital sentence would have been justified, even though, having witnessed firsthand the corruption of America's legal system, I continue to look askance at its use of the death penalty.
But a capital sentence is usually rendered after a trial is conducted and a guilty verdict returned. But the killing of bin Laden means that no such trial will ever be conducted. And this, of course, raises the question: Why?
At the time of this writing, the circumstances surrounding bin Laden's death remain unclear. Initially it was stated that he engaged in a shootout with American "Navy Seals." Later it was reported that he was unarmed. Naturally, not having been in the room when and where bin Laden was killed, it is impossible for me to say whether he was extrajudicially executed or not.
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/44198.jpgIt is by now patently apparent that NATO will go to any depths to further its evil and inhuman objectives, including the murder of innocent civilians, even children, in its callous and cold-blooded terrorist strikes wholly against international law and outside the remit of the UNSC resolutions 1970 and 1973.

It no longer surprises one to see the depths to which NATO and its murderous clique of leaders will stoop, but the callous and cold-blooded precision-murder of children goes beyond the pale in any terms of human decency. That the NATO leaders can stand back and insinuate that command-and-control targets are legitimate, when the UNSC Military Committee has not given its approval and when it is evident that mission creep was always the objective, is a clear sign that they either misunderstand international law, or wilfully flout it.

The wording of Resolution 1973 (2011) clearly refers to the establishing of a no-fly zone. Why then is NATO bombing civilian institutions, such as a private home occasioning the death of Saif Al-Arab Al-Qathafi and allegedly three of Colonel Al-Qathafi's grandchildren? Why then is NATO targeting the Libyan Downs Syndrome center?
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/2983538f47d9b14d2139eb728c42-0.jpg The oil industry is enjoying record profits as the price for a barrel of oil soars to more than $110. Chevron posted its profit numbers for the first quarter. The numbers were tough to stomach. Chevron reported earnings of $6.2 billion ($3.09 per share -- diluted) for the first quarter 2011, compared with $4.6 billion ($2.27 per share -- diluted) in the 2010 first quarter.

The Chevron press release set off a media blitz vilifying the big oil companies. How can these oil companies be making so much money while the American people are struggling to make ends meet and fill their gas tanks. Americans are making daily decisions on sacrifices they must make to put food on the table and pay their mortgage as the oil companies are making obscene profits.

Be careful where the blame is laid in this situation. The Obama administration has laid the groundwork for this situation and it is now their responsibility to correct it without getting its hands into private industry. The problem can be solved with a simple change in the administration's policies.

If the Obama administration allows the oil companies to drill and relieve this pressure, prices will fall almost immediately on a barrel of oil. The speculators will flee oil in a second once we announce the United States will make it a priority to drill.
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