http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/46006.jpgThe situation in Syria and around it is becoming increasingly volatile. Following the sanctions imposed by the U.S., EU, Turkey and the League of Arab States (LAS), the armed detachments of mercenaries from Libya have been put to use. The troops of the former Libyan rebels are ready to join the armed rebels of the "Free Syrian Army."

On November 29 Arabic website "Al-Rai Al-Arabi" reported that some 600 Libyan volunteers, who want to participate in the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad, came to Syria through Turkey. The site indicated a representative of the current leadership of Libya as its source. Strictly speaking, this can hardly be surprising. The current Transitional National Council (TNC) first recognized the Syrian National Council as "the sole legitimate representative" of the Syrian people.

The "Free Syrian Army" in some way is a clone of the Libyan rebels. It was formed in the border areas with Turkey by the Syrian army defectors. They had frequent clashes with the government forces. Last week, they attacked the buildings of the Air Force of the Syrian Intelligence but were unable to seize them. According to some reports, Turkey and Libya have already had a series of talks on the supply of Syrian rebels and volunteers with arms. Now it seems that the first "well-wishers" from Libya have arrived.
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/45793.jpgAlready waging multiple direct and proxy wars, will Obama dare launch more? Views differ. Some believe budget constraints contain him. Others say imperial aims matter most.

Heading into an election year adds further complications for and against more war. Will presidential aspirants anger voters advocating it? Republican hawks aren't worried. Will Obama launch it when public sentiment wants current ones ended? Don't bet against it, whatever he says.

With growing rage against the system, changing the subject may work best distracting it. At issue is hoping fear resonates more than human need and grievances.

Fake threats provide pretexts for militarism, wars, occupations, higher defense budgets, domestic repression, and elevating national security state priorities above others.

America is a rogue terror state, an imperial predator. Unchallenged global dominance is planned. All nations it doesn't control are targeted. It was Saddam's undoing, Gaddafi's also as well as others post-WW II, including democrats, despots and others in between.

Since last winter, Syria was targeted. Externally generated violence rages. Regime change is planned. Whether or not successful, is Iran next? The fullness of time will tell.

One View from Britain
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/45782.jpgImam Khamenei: "The U.S. is the main terrorist in the world"

The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei, made mention of the many plots hatched in U.S. history against the Iranian nation. He reiterated Wednesday that the regime in the White House is the principal terrorist in the world.

Imam Khamenei, during an address directed to young students, on the eve of Student Day, has emphasized that Tehran has evidence in the hundreds, unquestionable, revealing Washington's role in supporting anti-Iranian terrorist groups against the Persian nation and the region, reports Press TV.

The guide of the Islamic Revolution has been considered the worry of the enemy for the diffusion of the Iranian "religious democracy," the solid model before the the rest of the world, the main reason why the White House tried to impute the government inTehran in an alleged "plot" to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States.

"However, each individual, prudent and wise in the world, concludes that this corresponds to an unfounded and ridiculous script," added the great Iranian leader.

"The U.S. government tries to accuse the Iranian authorities of terrorism, however, the main roots of terrorism are fed from that same Washington," he added.
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/45702.jpg'Semper fi' is all one can say after watching video of Sergeant Shamar Thomas, a marine who indeed seems to proudly recall the oath he took to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States", the rights to peaceful protest contained in it. In defending Occupy demonstrators, Thomas told NYPD that there was "no honor" in brutalizing unarmed US citizens, and that's a message that's long needed delivery.

Sergeant, I and many more gratefully salute you.

Days ago I watched video of an observer with the National Lawyer's Guild being struck by a New York City police scooter, screaming in obvious agony as his foot was pinned under it, and then actually being arrested. I watched videos earlier in the protests of Occupy Wall Street's non-violent freedom fighters being pepper sprayed...one video, of four women simultaneously subjected to this torturous punishment, thankfully went global. But history shows the price of popular change is too often measured in the agony of those pursuing it, and today's efforts, the struggle towards a genuine 'liberty and justice for all', are not proving an exception.
http://www.freeintertv.com/news_pic/45673.jpgThe National Transitional Council of Libya ? delivered the official report about the death of the former head of Jamahiriya, Muammar Gaddafi. Prime Minister of Libya Mahmoud Jibril said in the beginning of the news conference in Tripoli that the NTC had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Gaddafi is dead, Jibril said.

According to Jibril, the colonel received lethal wounds in the shootout between his forces and the opposition army in the city of Sirte, Reuters said. Gaddafi could die from the bullets of his followers, the news agency said. A forensic expert found it difficult to say whether the colonel was killed by revolutionaries or his own soldiers.

The prime minister said that Gaddafi was shot in the head. Jibril confirmed the information saying that the colonel had been taken prisoner alive. However, he suffered a lethal wound and died before he was taken to hospital.

Supposedly, when the battles in Sirte became too intense, Gaddafi decided to leave the city and hide in the desert. On Thursday morning, the colonel departed from the city in a convoy of vehicles. NATO's unmanned aircraft detected Gaddafi's vehicles and attacked them. Afterwards, the colonel's supporters tried to hide him in a drainpipe.
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